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  1. Voltz version 1.1.3 Cyandale is a great new Voltz server developed for exploration of mods and ideas in mind! We try to limit or banned items to give you the fullest experiance of the server while still staying safe! Keeping the server up 24/7 is our main goal and we strive each day to get this acheived thats why within the first two weeks we have set up various access points for you the members to get in touch and help us out! IP: Website: www.cyandale.com Email: [email protected] Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Cyandale?feature=watch Twiiter
  2. In Game Name: FuZziOnZ Age: 16 , turning 17 this month. Have you had any bans before? - Never been banned. Timezone: GMT Tekkit experience: I have been playing tekkit around 7 months now , and know my fair bit from each mod. My specialities would have to be redpower 2 and IC2 mod , due to the amount of stuff possible with them is imense. I understand that I do not meet the minimum age requirements , but I can assure you I am actually mature for my age after being an admin on a server before and also a mod on another , I have had minor staff roles on different servers but they are not r
  3. This server is brilliant , decent plugins and the staff get stuff done quickly. I recommend playing on this server!
  4. IGN: FuZziOnZ TIMEZONE: GMT AGE: 16 EXPERIENCE: Been playing for 7 months now. REASON TO JOIN: small server.
  5. I need a really simple code , as simple as it can get on showing text onto a monitor.
  6. Anyone else not able to log in to tekkit? Are the minecraft auth servers down or something.
  7. - Your Minecraft Username : Fuzzionz - Your Real Name : Mitch - If you have Skype or not : Yes - What your build style is : Detailed and hidden - Have you ever been banned : No - Your age : 16 - How long you have played Minecraft/Tekkit : 8 Months - Any interesting stuff about yourself : I like turtles
  8. Minecraft name: Fuzzionz Age:16 Experience:6-7 months. Why you want to join: Looking for a relatively quiet server to create detailed builds on , and create flying machines to explore ze land!
  9. IGN: Fuzzionz AGE: 16 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KICKED / BANNED FROM A SERVER AND WHY?: No. WHY DO YOU LIKE TEKKIT? I like tekkit because the wide variety of things you can create. I love using microblocks from redpower mod when creating structures and also creating flying machines and tunnel diggers. WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE COMMUNITY? Detailed structures and my knowledge of tekkit to help those who know less.
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