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Cheap Shot

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Everyone has minecraft videos. That's not even an overstatement anymore. I've even got a few somewhere collecting dust. Youtube makes it easy to upload yourself playing. Everyone wants to be the next yogscast.

This section is for posting em if you got em.

At the moment there's no standard format for OP's, but please do put effort into your posts. We won't punish you if you don't, but people wont watch your videos, and that's a punishment in and of itself.

Suggestions for a good OP

  • Talk about yourself, and what's unique about you or your videos
  • Talk about what you do or will do in the videos
  • Perhaps post a screencap from the videos as a teaser

Good Let's plays will be stickied, so it's in your interest to try and catch our attention in your thread.


  • No misleading links. - Your link better direct people to what you say it does, or else you'll be banned.
  • No adf.ly - This is just as against the rules here as anywhere else on these forums.
  • No begging - If people like or dislike your videos, sucking up and asking for likes or subs here won't change their minds. Don't be pathetic.
  • Warn people about adult content - If your videos contain adult themes etc, say so in bold above the link.

That's it for now. Linking to a youtube channel that has ads on it is an exception to the forums rules and is allowed. Feel free to post your videos if you make money through google ad views.

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