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Powering Macerators Help


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I'm new to tekkit and really enjoying everything so far, but I've run into a problem I can't solve. I'm trying to power a few macerators. The way I have it set up is that I have a geothermal generator hooked up to an MFE with copper cable, the MFE hooked up to a LV Transformer using 2x gold cable, and then one connection using copper cable from the LV transformer that splits to the macerators. The MFE says it is full but nothing is being powered. It worked for a bit and it's stopped working since. Can anyone help shed some light on what I might be doing wrong?

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that will work or you could be insaine like my self, use a solar > glass fibre > MFSU > glass fibre > spliter cable > machines.

first use a repeater on a block to match the spliter cable and the repeater facing to give the spliter cable a signal from the repeater as this will be connected to a simple lever or some cable toggle latch and button ect, this would

be used like a fuse or switch to kill power to your machines.

secondly make sure you use the upgrade slots on the right of the macerators, there is 4 slots put in the following, transformer upgrade, overclocker, storage upgrade. you will find you would need less macerators for what ever machine your making.

why all this? simple you can never have too much power, you can use less macenrators due to the upgrades you made , you will not run out of power with a MFSU.

if you want to really be crazy you can even hook up a Industrial panel to your MFE or MFSU by using the energy sensor kit, this will show you how much your using and how much is stored,

use a invertor split off the same cable you run to the repeater in the setup above and after the invertor run the cable to your Industrial Information Panel so it will turn on and light up when your devices are setup.


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