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HD skin gone...


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I uploaded an other skin to minecraft.net befor i installed an hd skin. I installed the hd skin but now i wont get the HD skin that is in this mod... i want to use one so my friends that i play with can see the skin and also offline. But i cant see it and not my friends...

Anyone that could help me out here and tell me what i should do?

I have tried to use hdminecraftskins.com, becouse i thought the hd player mod is in this package, but it wont work... i am using tekkit.

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Nope, the HD player mod isn't in Tekkit. You could try Downloading it yourself.

Ive downloaded the 1.2.5 version and paste it into the minecraft.jar. Still dont work :/ Im using BDcraft visual pack. And the hd skin from that package works flawless on my girlfriends minecraft account.

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Then it's probably incompatible, and you probably overwrote something important in a mod. Either that, or you forgot to take it out of the Minecraft.jar.

The modpack.jar is the only place to put it, you can't put it into the minecraft.jar.

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