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Blightfall Guide. How to start, and survive.

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| Hello guys, I am here with this topic today to bring you a guide for Blightfall, from your first step off the Jaded, and how to take this large quest on, safely. |

So, you've spawned on the Jaded with the option of 6 different Drop Pods that lead you to a Bio-dome: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, and Omega.You may be asking yourself, which one do I choose? Well here is a short description of each strait from the Blightfall wiki.

After long thought and probably a wise choice, you have picked your Bio-dome! Now that the first and hardest decision is over, you can begin preparing to survive on this planet, for potentially a very long time. Now let's give a list of steps on how to start off.

First: You are going to want to progress through the basic quests. As much of the instructor quest line as you can immediately do. This will get you your basic tools and some items to start. 

Second: You are going to want to get yours farms set up ASAP, you may have noticed, the more you eat food, the less nutrients you get from it. The best tip is, don't eat one type of food more than 5 times in a row. To combat this you are going to want to get all sorts of food. Definitely go into the supplier tab and requests seeds as often as possible, also it's not a bad idea to look into the mod Pam's Harvestcraft as they have a variety of recipes available to get all sorts of food!

Third: Now that you have food and tools, you are going to want to start working your way out of your Biodome, this may seem scary at first, but it needs to be done one day or another. The best way to do this is to drop down to the Scouting Tab in your quest book and follow their instructions, this will get you to key locations that will yield lore and items that will be important to your survival.

Fourth: Now that you have scouted the world around you and taken some key locations from this purple oozing biomass it's time to get rid of it! This step will take a very, VERY, long time. As you advance in tech and magic through your quest book you will gain faster, and stronger methods of removing this, for now, you will just want to do one thing, remove some taint in a grassland to gain materials from mobs that will not spawn in the taint. This can be a very helpful, but not essential step, because it can yield you will a variety of new items, from meat and leather to bones, it's all helpful in the long run.Another good tip is to put some animals in a pen and farm them to help get a steady supply of different types of food.

Fifth: Now you have covered all the necessities to survival and a little extra, Follow the quests! Follow the quests! Follow the quests! That's the final tip for everyone playing this modpack, if you ever get lost or confused they will guide you through it all! Now go out and save this planet from the purple combatant it was put against!

| Hope this Guide Helped all you guys start and get on your feet as soon as possible! If there are grammatical mistakes or spelling errors please drop a reply and I will fix them ASAP, lastly if you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to ask! Thanks! |


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