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Anyone here run a Bteam server with cauldron or bukkit installed? For some reason mine hangs up at the patching.

Here are the steps i followed

Downloaded the bteam server file and extracted it running it to get all the files

Downloaded cauldron for 1.6.4  

i extracted cauldron and ran the server files to get the libraries

i copied the libraries over the bteam ones and renamed the causldron server jar to bteam jar

ran the file. It loads up to Welcome to render player transformers and bombs, Its not getting far enough to even print a crash log. Its just not patching

spits a ton of error and quits. (see the attached picture of where it bombs.)

Im not inexperienced with cauldron and bukkit and i can get the tekkit server to load it all and patch just fine.

Anyone help me out or have a working basic server setp with bukkit i can get from you?

Thanks in advance


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