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  1. Anyone here run a Bteam server with cauldron or bukkit installed? For some reason mine hangs up at the patching. Here are the steps i followed Downloaded the bteam server file and extracted it running it to get all the files Downloaded cauldron for 1.6.4 i extracted cauldron and ran the server files to get the libraries i copied the libraries over the bteam ones and renamed the causldron server jar to bteam jar ran the file. It loads up to Welcome to render player transformers and bombs, Its not getting far enough to even print a crash log. Its just not patching spits a ton of error and quits. (see the attached picture of where it bombs.) Im not inexperienced with cauldron and bukkit and i can get the tekkit server to load it all and patch just fine. Anyone help me out or have a working basic server setp with bukkit i can get from you? Thanks in advance
  2. im back finally from a long vacation. Yes I have a custom pack but just don't really want to bother with it anymore.
  3. I have a host sitting idle. I took down a custom pack i was running for about a year now. I am looking to host a new server, and i was curious whats out that would go well in a multiplayer setting. The server can handle just about anything you throw at it and its externally hosted. Tekkit is kinda falling to the history books and i already own a tekkit server, so that is out!
  4. im curious to see what you have going. I am a server owner of a tekkit server and a custom pack so i have some knowledge. I have time to help you out some if you want. We can message in private if you want to see my work!
  5. and its so awsome to see users such as yourself play for free on the backs of others hard work!
  6. Anyone have an idea why when i try to install a modpack placed on dropbox it shows -732461% , the numbers change for a few minutes then fails! The public link for the dropbox works in my browser but not in the downloader
  7. MCFight Club would like to welcome everyone to join us on our new server! We currently have 15 slots open and will increase as server demands require. Orginally Clan War Machine server, we decided to rethink our options and design and shut down. Rebuilding with a new experience and the player in mind. Our massive hub is player friendly and has all the essentials of a pvp warrior. 1. Huge Hub area with vendors and ports 2. Economy enabled for those who like to buy and sell. 3. Rental houses on spawn for beginners not ready to expand into the world. 4. Lots of server built super projects to explore and offer your hand into. 5. 10 PVP and MOB arenas constructed (Not yet Implemented) including our hit enders arena (low gravity pvp sphere) 6. Not kit server, we give free items at the spawn to start you off then your on your own! 7. Place bounties on players heads. 8. Form a clan with simple clans and showoff your KDR. 9. Open your own shop or use one of ours! dozens of premade shops ready for your ownership! This is just some of the things on our server. We have spent 200+hours setting up before 1 person in the public was allowed to login,so we have put in the effort to make your experience enjoyable. Enjoy 24/7 Dedicated server up time! Mature staff Community run council to determine the fate of trouble makers and additions to the server. Grief Prevention but still raidable! After all it is PVP! Robust feature full website for those that enjoy community as well as the game. Free Gifts Contest Lotteries! List of plugins we are running: Anti-xray, GriefPrevention, SimpleClans, Essentials, Essentials ECO, Chest Shop,World Guard, Bounty Hunter, Lottery, Buycraft, Ban-item (11 total items) much more! We look forward to seeing you on server. We are currently seeking MOD's so we can have 24/7 staff coverage! If you made it this far, , we thank you for your time.