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I have installed Tekkit legends, both client and server. Both are working fine on local host and LAN.

What I want to do is add commands like sethome , I understand these kind of commands were included in Essentials.

I have downloaded Essentials-2.9.2 and Essentials-extra-2.92 both as zip files. I have added these to a folder I created called plugins which is in the Tekkit Legends folder. I have unzipped both these files into the plugins folder and ran the server but none on the commands work, nor do I get anything other that a few .jar files.

How do I get the jar files to expand and give me the YML and config files I want. Am I putting Essentials in the wrong place or doing the whole thing wrongly.

I have read lots of postings about this and most of them seem to be out of date

Thanks in advance, Grey




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You want Forge Essentials for 1.7.10, assuming your running a Forge server.

Not bukkit. 

And don't make a /pluggins folder, they just get dumped into /mods 


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