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[3.1.2] NovaTekkit [PvE inc. PvP Worlds] [60 Slots] [Open/Greylist] [GP, iConomy + EE Nerfed]

Tom Prest

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MC.NOVATALK.NET - 24/7 Tekkit

EU2.VOICE.ENJIN.COM:60415 - Mumble

Why should I play on NovaTekkit?

You can be sure to find a friendly, fun and professionally-run playing environment here at NovaTekkit! Our server is run on the latest high-end hardware, providing you with the perfect environment to go out, meet new friends and be rewarded for your creativity. Remember, the staff are always just a message away and are always happy to help you. Our moderators and admins are chosen through a scrupulous application procedure and only the very best are chosen in order to deliver the support that our players deserve! We run numerous game-changing plugins that include iConomy, HeroChat, Hawkeye and Multiverse in addition to 30+ others!

So how do I know my house can be safe?

No need to worry about that! Our server runs various sophisticated anti-griefing plugins (Including the popular WorldGuard, GriefPrevention and TekkitRestrict, even some custom additions!) so that you can be safe in the knowledge that your hard work won't go to waste. In addition to that, they are specially customized to integrate with the Tekkit mod pack. Don't worry though, you don't have to wait for a member of staff to protect your house for you, like many servers - you can protect your house yourself! The necessary kits are provided to you free of charge so the tools you need to protect your house are only a command away.

Sounds good! What can I do in my spare time?

We know it can get boring working on the same house for hour on end because believe us, it's taken us a long time to make the beautiful spawn village and market we have! To cater for those who would like a bit of variety, we host frequent events. As a matter of fact, we're now recruiting event moderators so we can get events out even more frequently. If you'd like, you can submit your input on the forums so we can host the events that you want to see! We even host competitions, and are giving away real world prizes!





The Rules:

  • Do not harrass or bully other players, be respectful. Everyone wants to have an enjoyable experience.
  • Do not deal with problems yourself, tell a staff member or report it. The last thing you need is to get embroiled in bad situations that could have been avoided.
  • Do not beg or demand for staff positions. We don't care if you're "from PlanetMinecraft."
  • Do not spam. This applies to the server and forums and includes caps, repeated posts and mashing the keyboard.
  • Do not advertise other servers. We respect your right to play wherever you want but please do not try and steal our community.
  • Swearing is allowed but do not abuse this privilege.
  • PvP and raiding is fully enabled in the Nether, End and Guest World. This does not apply to the main world, and using exploits to PvP other players is punishable.
  • Do not cheat. This includes duping, X-Raying, Flying using non-legitimate methods, cheat clients and working around the list of banned items.
  • YOU and only you are responsible for what goes on with your account. If it was "your cousin" who stole on your account, you will be banned. This is non-debatable.
  • Users may donate at any time on their own behalf or on the behalf of a friend. Donations are 100% non-refundable and actively sharing perks is prohibited. Donators must follow the same rules as everyone else and will receive no special treatment.
  • Griefing is not allowed under any circumstances. This includes taking from chests in unprotected areas. Do not do it. Again, the Nether, End and Guest world are exempt.
  • Try to be a productive member of the community and don't spoil the fun for everyone else!

What's Banned?

Wireless Jammer - 177:152, Duplicator - 194:4, Nuke - 237, Industrial TNT - 239, TNT - 46, TNT Cart - 7270, Nova Catalyst - 126:10, Nova Cataclysm - 126:11, Destruction Catalyst - 27527, Sticky Dynamite - 30214, Dynamite (IC2) - 30215, Dynamite (BWM) - 26522, Turtle - 216, Mining Turtle - 216:1, Wireless Turtle - 216:2, Wireless Mining Turtle - 216:3, Collector (Mk2) - 126:1, Collector (Mk3) - 126:2, Relay (Mk2) - 126:6, Relay (Mk3) - 126:7, Teleport Tether - 179, World Anchor - 214, Dimensional Anchor - 4095, Anchor Cart - 7303, Black Hole Chest - 194:2, Tesla Coil - 223:1, HyperKinetic Lens - 27535, Catalytic Lens - 27556, Void Ring - 27593, Watch of Flowing Time - 27538, Black Hole Band - 27532, Philosopher's Stone (Right Click) - 27526, Evertide Amulet - 27530, Volcanite Amulet - 27531

See you soon!

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