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Map Generation.....

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Hi, all i am interested in Map generation i have looked around and found out how they work ect but does not solve my problem.

I would like a map to be 64 blocks high from bedrock would be sea level, but with the terrian still generated, hills , valley, caves, ect. i just feel alot of the caves and stuff are great but i not want them so deep as most of its just wasted space well at leased for what we do on my server, sure we still want to dig around ect just not so deep atm we have 256 build height and i believe its around 256 down.


in short looking for a world generator that would allow such a map to be created with sea level been 64 blocks high?.

what are my chances?

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I would say your chances are pretty good. There's this generator that I know of that generates all that, hills, valleys, caves, etc.

The first 1-5 layers will be bedrock, then at layer 63 will be sealevel. That's close enough to what you want, correct?

If so, just load up minecraft and create a new world. There you go. That's the default world generator...

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ops just checked the exact yes you are right but what i am after is to lower the sea level to say 32 or maybe even lower sea level.

sorry i did not count exactly, i assumed and made an ass out of my self and thought 256 build hight thus 256 down, lol it loooks like that.

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