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[3.1.2]VioTekkit[24/7][50 slots][nerfed creepers]


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If you want to play on a Tekkit Server with a great community and helpful staff, you've found what you're looking for. We strive to be the best Tekkit Server out there, we would like builders to help, but anyone can join. Just send an email to [email protected] and we will send you an application form with the Terms and Services of the Server and other information regarding extra features to people who donate, all extra features can be obtained using ingame currency. You may also email us with any questions, suggestions, or reports of misbehavior on the server.

When you first join the server, you will be welcomed and be given a 100x100 protected plot for you to build on without the worry of griefers and thieves.

Server IP: VioTekkit.no-ip.org

Email: viotekkit@gmail.com

*Please email if you want to join the server*

List of Plugins we have added to ensure a most enjoyable gaming experience.

iConomy (Economy Plugin, each player starts out with 500 Kopeks)

Jobs (Allows you to make ingame currency doing tasks such as mining or building)

ChestShop (Allows you to purchase and sell items to other players to make ingame currency)

NoLagg (As the name implies, this plugin prevents lag from occuring)

WorldGuard (This plugin prevents griefing and nerfs creepers for more fun and less work)

WorldEdit (This plugin is used by staff only to create structures and protect areas for players)





A picture of the Roman inspired spawn building, with working street lights surrounding.



A building we have named IronClad, this building has all of the government stations inside.



Some tenements and shops for players to set up stores to make ingame currency selling goods they create.



The national park with a secret exploration adventure.



The space docking bay in The End for players to take their spaceship convoys to new worlds.



The Space Elevators command ship where people can live out their dreams in the danger of space.

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Can I Join - White List Me PLZZ

I also have my 2 brothers

Excellent Builder, I understand machines, bluetricity, etc. I never beg for items and NEVER grief!

I hope you respond ASAP


Please email us so we can send you the Terms and Services along with the application form.

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