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  1. in game name: Commandersmash age:13 Tell Us Something About Yourself: im going to be an engineer , im bad at spelling, and I like to help people with complicating stuff my house will and always be TT Timezone: central Ever Banned? once because the owner wanted to keep it only him and his friend playing(bad reason) tekkit experience: about a 1/2 a year
  2. Ingame Name: Commandersmash reason of joining: this looks like a good tekkit server and all other open servers are very crappy with random stuff everywhere experience: 1/2 a year age:13 fav. mod: red power
  3. Application Name:nathan IGN: commandersmash Age:13 Tell us something about yourself: I like sports and play on the computer in my free time Time zone: central Ever Banned? If so why: none I've been a good boy Why do you think this servers for you: i want to play for they enjoyment of minecraft ,and connot find any other good looking servers. Tekkit Experience:[4-5weaks i also played a lot of ftb
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