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Quarry corrupts/crashes server after use


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I have only found a few posts on this subject and no answers. im using the latest version of tekkit for my private server. When i try to make a quarry. the server freezes then crashes and i had to have a friend use MCEdit and delete the blocks then i had to back up my world. I use a quarry, steam engines cobblestone pipes. normal chest. red insulated wire. and lever. when i power up the steam engines. the server just hangs for a few seconds then it crashes and i have to re-upload my world. I tried the one tip where they tell you to delete the API folder in the railcraft>>buildcraft directory and then bring theAPI folder from the buildcract>>builldcraft directory. did that and it did not help. does anyone else have a solution or am i not goign to be able to use quarries until they fix it?

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FIXED!!!! What you have to do, Go into your server folder, and go into the mods folder. Find teh Railcraft zip file and open it. Look for the Buildcraft folder and delete it. This worked for me. Im on expert at all but the best i can assume is that since tekkit puts all the mods together, and Railcraft has its own buildcraft it it. it causes problems so you have to just delete railcraft's buildcraft. If that doesnt work, and it should, then you might have to transfer the API folder from your client is. like the C:\Users\"USER"\AppData\Roaming\.techniclauncher\tekkit\mods and open buildcraft-client-A-core, and take THAT api folder out of the buildcraft directory THEN move it into the Railcraft zip folder in the C:\Users\"USER"\AppData\Roaming\.techniclauncher\tekkit\mods folder, if that makes sense. BUTTT YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DO THAT PART!

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