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Blightfall vs. RAM

Nexty Nextery

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Whenever I want to play with Blightfall modpack, it shows me that 2 GB RAM is needed and I use only 1 GB.

I looked deeply into computer settings and changed RAM usuage to 4 GB (from 8 available), but Blightfall still don't want to me play it.

Can someone help?

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If you're using technic you have to allow technic to access your RAM. On the upper right of the server's window there's a button that says "Launcher Options" with a gear next to it. Click on it. Another sub-window should pop up saying launcher options. There are four tabs across the top of it, you're currently on the "General Settings" tab. Click on the tab directly to the right, "Java Settings" It should now show the boxes "Minecraft Java Version" "Memory" and "Java Args." Click on Memory to choose how much RAM to let Technic access enough RAM!

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