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Deleted my server advertisement without notification.

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I posted an application on the Open servers section of this forum two days back. I followed the guidelines to the best of my ability, i made it tasteful and even included a picture from our server. It was then deleted without my permission and i was not notified. I fired off an email to the admin and recieved no reply as of yet. What is going on???

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I read the terms, i just wasn't sure what was going on. I was just a little upset that i couldn't find the post to make sure i hadn't missed anything and when i tried to access the post from the link available, it was gone. :( Told me that the page didn't exist and i thought it had been deleted.

If it is, that would be fair enough, but i still would like to know what criteria i didn't meet, a little constructive criticism would go along way improving a server advertisement.

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