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Alien Isolation with multiplayer server


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So this idea is based from the videogame Alien Isolation.

Basic Story
So basically the main objective is to stay alive as long as possible or try to find craftings that you can craft a pipe bomb like in "Alien Isolation" and then plant it somewhere on the ground and when the Xenomorph AKA Alien that is 1 random player and boom when he walks he goes on the pipe bomb and survivors wins.

1. Anyone joining the game is randomly choosed as the Alien.
2. The other players are survivors and there main objective is stay alive from the aliens by hiding under tables in vent or in the classic locker like in the video game.
3. The Alien main objective is to kill all the players to win
4. To kill the Alien you must find all the items to craft a such called "Pipe Bomb" and after you need to place it anywhere you like and if The Alien step on it it dies and survivors wins. Other option to win is to stay alive till the time ends.

Optional update is to add the classic flamethrower that does so the alien gets low health but dont die it just gets slowness for 1 min or if unlucky paranoia for 40 secs. 
Optional update #2 is to add the motion sensor to see if the alien is nearby.


Pls do the crafters isolation map with multiplayer server and someone whos alien.

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