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Gearz Server Recruiting Dev(s)


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Hi, I'm Noggin, coowner of Funtania (
). I've started a very ambitious new project on one of my servers, and I need a plugin/mod to help make it work. Unfortunately, I cannot describe to you in detail exactly what my plugin does without you first agreeing to a confidentiality statement, as I really do not want others stealing my idea and running with it. I've put way too much time, effort, and resources into this project for some punk to come along and steal my work, so I'd rather keep it on the DL.

That being said, here's what I can tell you:

General Idea
: It can be coded as a WG flag addon and will be used concurrently with an arena plugin to allow players within a WG region to act in ways not typically associated with traditional arenas. It will have commands associated that need to have permissions, and it does need a yml with a couple custom features. A help system would also be great.

Will you have help
: You will have access to a dev server, jenkins, or whatever else you need, and you can have help if you want it. I have recruited 2 devs right now. Both of them are good enough to help/maintain but neither have the time. If you have the time, that would be great; I'd rather go with one person coding so things do not get confusing.

Will you be reimbursed
: This is negotiable. Contact me and I will go through the options.

The arena is based off of work that's going to be released to the public in the next year. I'd like to see the plugin completed no later than February 1st. The earlier it is done the better.

Please contact me if you have interest or questions. Once you agree to a confidentiality statement I will tell you exactly what I want and we can come to terms on it.



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