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Trippy Minecraft Rails


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Wow, that's actually rather neat. As far as content goes, it would have been nice to not have the glaring minimap in the top right, and I'm unsure if there's a hide hotbar feature in Minecraft, but that would have been a welcome addition as well. Audio nicely compliments visuals, although it would have been clever if the audio was synced to the track sections. (Namely in the beginning when the snare drum is a focus of the song, would've been cool if the light colour boxes passed in time with the beat)

Production values, black bars are the bane of all videos. They are immediately noticeable, and detract significantly from the experience. The gameplay seems smooth enough with her current recording setup, so I'd try recording in 16:9 and maximizing the visual emphasis, which is really the core of the video. A good failsafe with black bars is to fill them with information/images, possibly album cover of song, band info, etc.

The overall effect was pretty cool, and I can't say I've seen any Technic/Tekkit videos like it. Certainly took some creativity, and I'd be interested in seeing more builds like this in the future if some of the production methods can be improved.

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