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Combustion engine not working

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I've been playing tekkit for a couple of months now and it's really fun, a lot better than vannila. I recently saw a video(

) and liked the idea they proposed- energy by taking oil( i'm using 6 oil fabs) to power combustion engines powering Engine Generators which make EU. I don't know how to post a pic so ill just try to describe it- 2 lines 2 block apart with combustion engine sitting 3 block up. Under the engines, the fuel is entering, on the outside, water. on the 2 blocks in between the two rows of engines, their is red stone powered by a state cell which is 30sec off of a time(making 30 sec of cool down time for the engines every 3 min.). I'm trying to get the electricity out of the engines which are full of water and oil but they won't power the conductive pipe which has no blue line and does no convert to EU when hooked up to a Engine generator connected to a MFSU. PLEASE HELP
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