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Tekkit Series: Recruitment Challenge:


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Hey Guy's! My name is Bambo and I've decided to make a tekkit series. I'm looking for 2 more tekkit players that are very experienced with tekkit that are willing to do a series with me. I can host the server and record. Although it would be awesome if the other 2 can record aswell. All you have to do is fill out the application form below and once you have add me on Skype: BamboBro Thank's so much!

Name: [..........]

Age: [13+]

IGN: [D0DGER] That's mine :P

What you would like to be called: [Me: Bambo]

What country are you from? [Prefferably Australia]

Are you experienced with Tekkit?

Can you record?

Do you have a good microphone?

Will you be available for 1 episode every weekday?

Why you would like to join the series?

Please fill out this form and reply to this thread with it. Thank's Bambo!

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