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New Series going on youtube!

Sloth Armstrong

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My buddies and I have started a brand new series using Tekkit to make a lets play series. Hoping that poeple will come check it out, give us some ideas of what to do, throw some comments around or even subscribe if you like what we are doing. Take a look at my channel and soon some of my buddies will be posting their views of the process on their channels when they get them set up.


Sloth Armstrong here and taking off for futures unknown!

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Unfortunately I'm running low on time, (Finals rear their ugly head tomorrow), so I couldn't watch your entire video. From what I did see, it seems the 3 of you have pretty good group chemistry, and the original broken neck gag was actually pretty funny. Your own audio is pretty good, however there was some considerable noise pollution from your friends, that can be resolved though. The ever present black bars claim another victim, and again they detract from the experience. Try to either clear those up or fill them with something, they immediately draw the eyes away from the actual content. I only got about halfway through, but you seemed to lack any sort of goal/direction from what I saw, with your focus directed on wacky banter. While this can be good, it really needs to compliment your playthrough, and not the other way around. If the gameplay takes a back seat to the chatting, you may as well make a podcast and be done with it.

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