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Tekkit Series! Recruitment Form


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Hey Guy's My name is Bambo and I really want to make a Tekkit Series with someone. I'm only looking for one other person. This person must have the following requirements:

* Required

Age: 13+

*Country: [Australia]

*Experience: [How Long have you been playing Tekkit for]

*Computer Speed: [is your computer Minecraft Lag Free?]

*Microphone: [Do you have a good Skype compatible Microphone?]

*Recording Device: [Prefferably Camtasia Studio 8 Recorder]

*Skype: [What is your Skype name?]

*Maturity: [Are you a mature person, though is funny]

Other: [if you apply for this series is there anything else I must know?]

All you have to do is fill out that form and post a reply with it, with your details in the spaces next to each question.

Thanks so much! Bambo

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If you look on there all the responses are from late April 2012. So This is why I posted this. So I can get my own responses that are active and on one thread.

Posting threads looking for people to make videos with will clutter this section. Instead of making a thread just for that, use this thread to find people to work with.

You don't get to do whatever you want just because the thread is old.

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