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Outdated servers?


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Hi, recently I decided to set up a server for my brother, sister and I. It got set up, and worked, however, when ANY of us try to log in, it says;

The server requires you to have the following mods:

mod_ComputerCratf 1.41

mod_CCTurtle 1.41

mod_IC2 v1.103

I am running Linux, and I followed this tutorial HERE. Is the server outdated? Am I outdated? I have no idea. Thanks.

P.S: I have no real intention of port forwarding, as it is a private family server, so its nothing to do with not being on the network.

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You need to either switch to the development build of Tekkit, or downgrade the server to 3.1.2. If you don't want bugs/crashes etc., you want to go for 3.1.2, because 3.1.3 is pretty unstable. The download for the 3.1.2 server is in the previous versions downloads in the server section here.

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