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Tekkit with Theo- A New Kind of Tekkit Series


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Hello, I'm Theo from the Diabolatry, a YouTube gaming channel.

Lately, there have been many Let's Plays on Tekkit on YouTube. These videos are good, but it's become something that has been done over and over with little variation. If I'm watching Tekkit, my favorite things to see are new, exciting machines and buildings rather than people looking for rubber trees. So I've started a series focused more on the building and creation of things in Tekkit, something I hope people will enjoy and find interesting. It will be viewer-oriented, with me taking suggestions and ideas from the comments and putting them into effect.

If you're interested, here's the link to the first episode:

Thanks for your time.

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Nothing looks worse than black bars, try to record in an aspect ratio that is appropriate. If you absolutely can't avoid them, at the very least include some sort of border/filler for those spaces, make it look decent. You speak clear as crystal, which is very important/noticeable in a medium such as lets-plays. Your audio track may also be just a bit on the loud side.

As far as content is concerned, I understand that this was your first episode of a user-submitted ideas show, and as such may not be representative of the final product, but I'd really try to be selective with your ideas to display. You say you're knowledgeable about Tekkit, well prove it to us. Challenge yourself with the build ideas you select, I think it will make your builds more meaningful if we can see that it took you time and effort to solve a problem in a uniquely "Tekkit" way.

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