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New Tekkit server owner needs help


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Hello, I recently started my own server, Just somthing small a 36 slot server. I made it do my neice can play online and at the same time I can moniter what's going on around her. I am looking for sombody Just to help get the server rolling. I need some help with Group manager perms and some a few more little things to get it running smoothly. I currently have no Admins or mods so if anyone is intrested Skype me

Skype: Lokien69

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Hello Tevlok,

I would like to help you run the server, my experience was co-owner of a server and a op of one i will help you with the server as much as i can i am on daily if im not on its probably because im doing something I want to be either Co-Owner,Head Admin,Admin,and or Moderator just tell me the ip and ill be on it in no time.

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I don't mind help either, but if you've found your helper in XmGoD321 that's cool. I have run my own Tekkit server for several months now, and I'm a decent programmer, so I can help with troubleshooting if needs be. My email is [email protected] and my username is ScarecrowKrone. If you want someone else on board, just email me.

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