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Big reactor water issues


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So, I have built a monstrous big reactor at the bottom of my building. The reactor itself is 9 high x 13 wide x 13 long. 41 fuel rods standing 7 tall each. It provides steam for 4 turbines that stand 9 high x 9 wide x 16 long. 4 sets of 7 x 3 blades and 37 pieces of enderium blocks. Reactor runs and roughly 7%.

Originally, I had the turbines bumped up against the reactor and they traded steam and water all day with no problems. Now that I am opening up my world as a server soon, other people may want steam and I wanted to provide it via tesseract. I moved one of the turbines out 4 blocks away from the reactor in an attempt to make it 'wireless'.

Now my issue, steam is getting to said turbine via tesseract, but the water input to the reactor doesn't seem to work after this. I use 5 sets (completely submerged in water sources) of 6 aqueous accumulators surrounding a tesseract, on a separate channel from the steam of course, to pump water into the reactor. Normally, 1 set sufficed, but something happened. Can anyone help me debug?

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Yes. I have a primary intake for the tesseract that is tied to the accumulators, then a secondary for tesseracts tied to water return from the turbines. These are on top of a resonant tank into fluiduct into the secondary intake. I can watch the water return.

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