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HardVanilla Modpack Vanilla Style Modpack With Guns, Stargates, Lycanites Mobs, Dungeon Mobs, Bedrock Tools, Raid, Grief, Scamming Allowed.

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I could really use some feedback. Answer some short questions please.

What is the first thing you notice about the Server?

Do you like the appearance of this post?

Did you like the trailer?

If you didn't like the trailer, What was it missing? What didn't you like?

What would you like to see added to the Server?

What do you really hate about this post?

Feel free to be as harsh as you'd like in giving your opinion about my post or server. I would greatly appreciate any help given in negative or positive feedback.

What would get you to play on this server? Can you access the Server?

Did you have any problems downloading or running the modpack?

Crashes or if you need help please get a hold of me on Discord. I will be checking it often, even while i'm at work.

This server is custom made, so you'll have an awesome time discovering all the easter eggs starting from crafting recipes to odd items used to craft stuff.

You may have to find and kill a certain type of mob to find the item you need to craft certain items.

For example: no squids spawn anywhere, you have to find a shell creature in certain water source to get ink sacks. Also ink sacks are very important if you know where to look.

Good Luck, I really could use some advice on how to get some new players to join. This is a very hard survival server, so i hope you enjoy a challege.

Keep Inventory Enabled.

I have made a Modpack Called "Hard Vanilla" And i have purchased a $2,000 Server to run it on. No Lagg, No Upkeep. 

Teaser Trailer for the modpack if you want to know more about it. I will be needing admins and moderators that have become elite and mastered the modpack.

I have just released it, so invite your friends. This is a PvP, Raid, Grief, Scamming Allowed Server. Factions without land claims. Enjoy




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