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[3.1.2] VoidCraft [PVP][55 slots][ Iconomy, Towny, Chestshop][Some EE]


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IP -


About -

Welcome to the newly started tekkit server Voidcraft! This server was created to create a fun environment for all types of users, we have friendly staff that are willing to help you with all your tekkit needs. New players are welcome here and not looked down upon. We have a few banned items to prevent griefing of protected areas, to ensure quality game play for all our members.

We are looking for friendly members that get along and want to form a tekkit community within our server, and enjoy playing tekkit together.

Up time - We try to keep our server up as much as possible and intend to aim for 24/7 up time with occasional downtime for maintenance.

Plugins -











WorldBorder - set at 8000




Intel Core I7-3770k

16 gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 RAM


Rules -

Griefing - Greifing will only be aloud in the wilderness if it takes place in a faction area or safezone, the griefers will be permbanned

Harassment - There is a difference between harassment and joking around I expect you to already know this. No forms of harassment are aloud on VoidCraft.

No Spamming - Do not spam at any given time in the server chat.

No Hacking/Exploiting - If you are caught doing either of these you will be permanently banned from the server.

No Excessive Swearing - Do no excessively swear or direct profanity at another member.

Don't Ask for Items - Do no ask the staff members to give you items through the command system.

Don't Whine - When someone kills you don't whine about it and bug the guy/girl who killed you it's extremely annoying and pitiful.

Don't Beg - Do not beg for anything from anyone or beg for someone to do something for you.

Be Mature - We don't take kindly to people who do no act in a mature manner, this server isn't a place for immature acting 12 year olds.

Don't ask for Rankup - Do not ask to be ranked up to a staff position or any other permission we decide who we want to be staff and who we don't.

Stealing - We allow stealing.

Spawn Killing - Do not kill people that are leaving the safe zone until they are 100 meters away from it, we do not appreciate killing of new members that are just starting out on the server.

Respect - Show respect to the staff members.

Banned Items - If you are caught will a banned item you will be temporarily banned, the second time you are caught you will be banned by IP for life.


Quantum Armor Set

Gem Armor Set

RM tools

Collector MK3


Sticky Dynamite


World Anchor

Dimensional Anchor

Watch of Flowing Time

All rings but Void Ring and Swiftwolf's Rending Gale



Catalytic Lens

Mining Laser


Anchor Cart

Feeding Station

Mercurial Eye

Blackhole Band

RM, DM, Nano Chest pieces

Volcanite Amulet

Evertide Amulet


RM Katar

TNT Cart


Staff -

Owner - FreshMango55

Administrator - sgttater


Moderator Application

If you are looking to become a moderator on our server we must see that you are active in the community and frequently offer assistance or help to people.

Moderator applications should be in the following format. You are required to be 16 or older to qualify for a moderators position.



How long have you been playing on VoidCraft?

How long are you on each day?

Why should we accept you application?

What can you do for us?

Why do you want this position?

Who Recommends you?

Additional Info -

Timezone -

Country -

Tekkit Experience -


Screenshots - Subject to change.

Lore/Story -

Zeondira - The planet Zeondira is a hostile planet infested with all kinds of horrors and monstrosities, you were recently studying it from the safety of space on a expedition spacecraft, not at all outfitted for combat purposes. Your ship became under attack from an unknown alien life you had just made first contact unaware of the situation, you have no idea how and why you were shot down out of the sky, but the remains of your spaceship disintegrate in the sky from an unknown technology everything ripped to shreds, half your crew aboard your ship can now call space, the vast void of darkness, their final resting place. Your escape pod filled with a number of your ships occupants races down to the planet at terminal velocity, the pod had never been tested in the dense atmosphere of the planet, and you discard the fact telling yourself it will hold together. Everyone around you in shock from the tragedy you had all just experienced. The man beside you looks at you and says, "It happened so fast, it was a civilian ship! We had no weapons... we had no way to defend ourselves. All we had was a shield and whatever they used rip right through it like a hot knife through a bar of butter. I had friends up there and now they are all dead.... this isn't what I signed up for." You look him in the eye and tell him there is nothing he could have done to save them, you tell him he shouldn't blame himself for disasters such as this. You state to him that when you sign up to find alien life... you eventually do, and everything doesn't always turn out the way you think it will. *Everyone around you begins to scream as the pod heats up to 110 degrees and the walls begin to shake* You look out the reinforced glass at the head of the pod and see nothing but flames... We must be entering the atmosphere you say to yourself. "Brace for IMPACT!!!" you yell to the others. Everyone around you grabs on to the nearest stable object to their position, the metal on the outside of the pod begins to scream with shrapnel from the titanium alloy ripping from the starboard side. The whole thing is coming apart you say to yourself. You decide not to inform the others because they probably already know what could and might happen. If the starboard side gave way... the ship and everyone inside would be roasted like a marshmallow to the flame. The heat intensity rises as the pod nears the ground. A man at the front of the ship screams "FIVE THOUSAND METERS ENCLOSING!" Seconds later the pod hits full on collision with a rock formation and the pod is drilled 30 feet into the ground all it's occupants knocked out cold from the energy transfer of the pod when it made contact. The pod is in pieces and half of those who landed are probably dead. You remain the only one conscious and step outside of the pod to see nothing put rock, and darkness. You peer upward to see the light raining down like an angels hand reaching down to usher you to your safety. Then... you walk to the wall and begin to climb.... You reach the top to see an unfamiliar landscape stretching for miles on end... a feeling of uncertainty overcomes you... then you decide to walk onward for the sake of discovery.


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This server is freaking awesome! Cmon y'all come here and enjoy it!


Name: ps5cfw

playing minecraft since: Minecraft 0.22

playing tekkit since: Tekkit 2.x

Age: 16

Curriculum: Was 40 times Admin, 10 times Founder, 15 times Mod and 2 times Builder (Not Joking), well known knowledge of any server command and/or plugin, always logged in the server, what else should I say?

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mango, it,s me justineric, i ate all the rubber trees, well i just want to know how could you make someone such as ps5 a mod? he is a bloody moron! he banned me and my frineds for no reason none of us were above 3 warnings. so let us back on and can him. if you want a popular server you will not let twits like this run it. take this from a guy with his own pupular with at least 16 people on at all times. Because i don't let twits like that even come near my server, i like void craft let us back on- justineric, sb1017, hboy- thank you. (mmmm, good rubber)

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mango, it,s me justineric, i ate all the rubber trees, well i just want to know how could you make someone such as ps5 a mod? he is a bloody moron! he banned me and my frineds for no reason none of us were above 3 warnings. so let us back on and can him. if you want a popular server you will not let twits like this run it. take this from a guy with his own pupular with at least 16 people on at all times. Because i don't let twits like that even come near my server, i like void craft let us back on- justineric, sb1017, hboy- thank you. (mmmm, good rubber)

you are ridicolous, you insulted me, five times, together with your friends, I warned you multiple times, and I banned you after all those times, next time don't insult, and don't call me Dipshit, so you won't deserve a ban.

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and, ps4, we don't dislike you, i actually thoought that you and me were getting along fine. and i was just screwing around, but you just take things way to seriously. IT"S A MINECRAFT SERVER! there are twenty thousand more just like it, although this is one of the ones that i had more fun on, i spent hours on, and i say a few choice things to you and you flip on all three of us. dude, i don't actually think your a dipshit or a ass, (and i didn't say either of those to him on the server) actually ask people, iv'e been helping and befriending tons of people on the server, i was even planning on making a almighty church to the mango. but your ban was so unexpected, you showed up on the server at such an unexpected time and just started messing with us, and don't forget how when i first came on the server you destroyed my house after i saked you to stop (harrasment) and you claimed multiple times that everything that you did was sooo much better then mine, you tried to destroy my dojo the second you saw it (insult). I mean i would love to play on a server with you, i just don't want you to constantly make me stay in a straight line by threatening to ban me all the time, it's not cool dude... i don't know. i will be honest i am a bit sad that i was banned but it would be worse if sb1017 and hboy were to, at least unban them if they were banned, thank you.

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IGN- Stabzilla

Age- 17

How long have you been playing on VoidCraft?

To be hones i haven't even logged in xd, But i've read the rules, I know how to be a moderator and i dont think it would take me long time to know whats going on on the server :) I can see why this would be a problem but since this server is really new i don't think it should't.

How long are you on each day?

About 5 hours / day. If i got much in school it could be less but I'm a pretty active person. On weekends i may be online even more though.

Why should we accept you application?

I'm philanthropist in many ways, both in game and in real life and helping others is just what a community is. With moderator rights I know I could help people with more then just Tekkit stuff and therefore help the community on the server. I'm also a mature player who's very experienced in Tekkit as well as Vanilla (especially redstone). I know a bit Obejctive c (OSX Programming) As well as some C# and Java.

What can you do for us?

I know how to set up a website with "Ingame feauters" Like donations, ranks, forums and etc if that could be any help. But other then that I'm a mature player who knows how a moderator is supposed to be. I've been Moderator/Admin before in minecraft as well as other games.

Why do you want this position?

Well as i said I'm philanthropist in many ways and love to help and thats exactly what a community is build on, people who trust each other. Helping people makes me happy! And when you think about it, why does anyone want to be a moderator? To help of course. I would love to help the community futher with my experience and sociality, to be honest i think i would be a great moderator for VoidCraft!

Who Recommends you?

If you mean on the server? No one. As i said i haven't logged on but after this post i will log in for sure! :) This looks like a great server and i am more then willing to help out the community!

Additional Info -

My real name is Hannes Aronsson and im studying in Sweden, Stockholm. I got Skype as well as Teamspeak. I I'm studying "Technic" and my goal is to be an engineer. I'm learning Java and C# in school.

Timezone - GMT + 1, Central European Time

Country - Sweden, Stockholm

Tekkit Experience -

I've played tekkit for about 5 months and vanilla for 2 years. I know all the advanced End game stuff so no worries. I've built a lot of advanced factories and i know everything about EU/t, MJ and MANY vanilla feauters/Hidden stuff since i know some java. as the Tekkit experience goes there shouldn't be a problem :).

Thanks for reading this far and i will probably see you in game, my english isn't perfect since it's my third language but i hope it's okey! :) // Stabby

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