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Connor G.

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Repost? What? This isn't like retweeting, perhaps you meant reply?

The Tekkit team don't make the mods. Asking them to add limestone is pointless, unless you have a mod for it which is already made, in which case you want to go to the Mod Suggestion thread:


If it's not made already, go ask on the Minecraft Forums(In the proper place), or find another place where mod suggestions are accepted, and ask someone to make this for you, then suggest it in the Mod Suggestions Thread.

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Picture this LIMESTONE!!!! If you want a nice lime green colored block you can mine, use LIMESTONE!!!! I know I do... If you add LIMESTONE to TEKKIT you would love it, be so nice for building and such. Repost this if you agree.


Limestone is not green, nor do I see a good use for it as building material. Roadbed, maybe. Also, you're in the wrong place. /thread

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