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Good Simple Beginers Tutorial Needed


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Howdy folks. I'm still kinda new here and after searching the forum I haven't found a good tutorial that teaches how to effectively set up a base. I know how to set a very basic UN-automated rubber tree farm, how to make a Macerator powered by a batbox and simple generator as well as a few electric furnaces attached to the system. I know I don't have a very efficient setup and would like some help, as well as learning how to add a decent sorting system.


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Welcome. One thing that Duncan does that could hinder you in the future though, he used buildcraft pipes in this series, but Redpower pneumatic pipes are sooo much better. I'd recommend you get used to them right away.

Depends if you are playing smp or ssp. Buildcraft logistics pipes are amazing in ssp, but redpower tubes are better in smp.

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