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EMC Generation


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Okay so I started playing tekkit classic, join the first server I see. But now that I've invested a number of hours , I've found the server is shit but I've spent too much time to start over. So this server lets you donate for items and money(against the minecraft eula), and they dont let you give away free items to people(or sell items cheap), in order to get more people to buy their VIP packages.

So back to the main topic of this thread,  It said emc farms were allowed in the server listing, but they've completely fucked every method. The blaze rod, bone and milk methods are nerfed so hard you get like 1 emc. The diamond chest method doesnt work because they disabled the copper>iron and silver>diamond chest recipes. Dm pedestals are disabled. 

So, does anyone here have other methods to make emc if blazerod, bone, diamond chest and dm pedestal methods don't work? Thanks.

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