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How to Teleport Power

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Hello all,

This is a short tutorial on how to convert industrial craft power (EU/t) into buildcraft power (RF/t) and teleport it from your generator to wherever it is needed. After that you can also convert it back into EU/t if need be.

For most applications a basic setup shown below is needed. Note that your power teleport pipe should be in "send only" mode and that you must specify a frequency to use. My personal favorite is frequency 120 because it is easy to remember (voltage of a wall outlet in America). To change the settings on your power teleport pipe, simply right click. The consumer, energy bridge, and rf producer do not require any special treatment and will work as soon as you place them down. As long as there is a blue beam of power flowing through the emerald kinesis pipe, then your power system is working.

Basic Power Teleportation Setup


Remember that both the destination and the power source must be in loaded chunks in order for the power teleport pipe to work. If you don't want to build both of them in a spawn chunk, then I would recommend that you use a world anchor.

The energy source for your power teleport system can be any type, though I would recommend adding an MFSU in between if you are using an inconsistent source such as solar panels or wind mills. You should definitely use buildcraft energy because it produces such a large amount (particularly HV solar panels). You can make the energy source as large as you wish by attaching multiple energy generators to the glass fibre cable. The IC2 HV Consumer can be switched out for the LV, MV, and EV versions depending on your energy source. The EV consumer can adapt to all situations so it is the best, but it is also the most expensive.

To retrieve RF power from you power teleportation system, you do not need any converters. Place a power teleport pipe down, put it in "receive only" mode and set it to the frequency you chose earlier, add a kinesis pipe in between and you have power.

How to Retrieve Power from Your System


This basic setup will provide power for most applications and one HV solar panel can power several quarrys at once. You can also use this system to power wooden transport pipes to extract items from chest extremely quickly. You can have the RF producer sitting directly next to the extraction pipe, or you can make use of flux pipe as shown below. Making the sweet redstone ingots required for flux pipe can be tricky, so take a look at this guide if you want to craft them.

Powering Extraction Pipes using Flux Pipe


If you want to power machines with EU then you can also do this, but it requires extra steps to convert it. 

Retrieving EU/t from Power Teleport System



Step 1

Remember that you must have your power teleport pipe in "retrieve only" mode and at the right frequency. MV and HV producers will not damage machines designed to handle MV and HV power respectively. However, EV producers are another story. EV producers will destroy all machines (in most cases) and can even burn through 4xIns. HV cable if you are not careful. I would recommend NEVER using EV producers, but ALWAYS using EV consumers.

The basic power teleport system works great for the majority of applications however, if you plan on making multiple contraptions all powered by the same source then you might need a stronger setup. Start with an RF producer surrounded on 5 sides with emerald kinesis pipe.

Step 1 Block Placement

vTcUHzC.png \A


Step 2

Add diamond kinesis pipe to the side of each piece of emerald kinesis pipe. Next throw in a power teleport pipe on top. Set this power teleport pipe to "send only" mode and your chosen frequency.

Step 2 Block Placement



Step 3

Add an energy bridge to the free side of the RF producer, and an EV consumer on top of that.

Step 3 Block Placement



Step 4

From here you can use cable to power the EV consumer however you like, but I would recommend that you add a form of energy storage. If you are looking for expensive and powerful endgame power production then keep going to Step 4 by adding glass fibre cable to the sides.

Step 4 Block Placement



Step 5

Create a horseshoe shape out of 9 MFSUs. The left and right side MFSUs should be facing downward and the MFSU in the middle should be facing toward the center as shown. Fill in the middle with glass fibre cable.

Step 5 Block Placement



Step 6

Line the top with 12 HV solar panels. HV solar panels are expensive and hard to make, if you want help manufacturing them then take a look at this guide. Throw down a world anchor if you need to keep it loaded while you are away. This power source will be able to power an army of quarries from the other side of world if need be, as well as all the contractions that you care to build!

Completed Power Teleportation System


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