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Small Cheap EMC Generator

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Hello all,

This is an offshoot from my other post. It is a short tutorial on how to make a basic blaze rod emc generator. It doesn't have high output, but it should hold you over until you can afford to go for the big guns that is Project 71.

The resources you will need are:

  • 4 solar panel
  • 2 batbox
  • 1 condenser
  • 1 macerator
  • 1 chest
  • 2 redstone engine
  • 1 redstone block
  • 2 wooden transport pipe
  • 4 copper cable

Total emc cost is 77,695. This device produces roughly twice the emc that a MK1 power flower does. But a MK1 power flower costs 1,823,097 emc.

MK1 Power Flower Layers



There is a top and bottom layer to the emc machine that you will be building.

Small EMC Generator Layers


Build the two layers as shown, the left side is the bottom layer and the right side is the top layer. Next you will want to make sure that your batboxes are facing your copper cables. The top wooden transport pipe should have the solid side facing the energy condenser. The bottom wooden transport pipe should have the solid side facing the macerator. This gif gives a quick rundown of how to adjust them with a wrench. Set a blaze rod as the target for your energy condenser, and add some blaze rods to the macerator.

It is all finished, you may remove any excess blaze rods from the chest and burn them in a transmutation table for emc. You can make upgrades to this design as you get able to afford more expensive parts. If you start adding overclocker upgrades to the macerator, it will require more power and produce more emc. To keep up with its power demand, you can replace the solar panels with LV solar panels, replace the batboxes with MFEs and replace the chest with an alchemical chest. Keep upgrading parts, until you can afford to make Project 71.Be careful though, you will need to add transformer upgrades to your macerator before adding MV or HV solar panels.

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