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Zombiecraft Classic 2.0 Back from the Dead!


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Just dropping in to announce my once dormant modpack is now working 100% and is now live for people to download and play!

Zombiecraft 2.0 was an old mod created for Minecraft 1.3_01 that basically allowed people to play Nazi Zombies from Call of Duty in Minecraft. Once the community behind it broke up and disbanded the mod files were largely lost and setting them up to properly run the game was not only a pain but hard to accomplish. Fortunately I still have all my old files from when the community was around including an ancient version of TooManyItems for easy map creation. Installation is super easy, just download the modpack, hit play, and you're good to go! Be aware that this is a full conversion of MC so you won't be able to play the Vanilla game with this pack.

Link: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/zombiecraft-classic-20.573774

Note: Please check out my linked tutorial series (Though old) before you start making your own maps as it is very easy to overwrite any progress you've done on a certain map. Also feel free to follow the Map Repo link for tons of custom maps including some of the ones I've created several years back, I'll upload more maps as time goes on.

Thanks and happy zombie slaying!


Special thanks to EvilOwl and Pyros for giving me the helping hand I needed to get this pack working, without them this would still be sitting dormant and hidden on my account!

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