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Oh, look...another Technic Let's Play


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There are already too many Technic let's plays out there, but as I felt like recording Technic pack stuff, I recorded Technic pack stuff...

My Technic series is mainly a gateway for my recording of other games I also want to play and record. This forum post, on the other hand, is more for feedback on the videos themselves. The series will probably begin to phase out in the future, however, as I begin to focus on other games.

Anyway, the first eight episodes were extremely messed up and I'm almost not sure why I posted them...but, if you want to see just how unwatchable they are, here's the link to ep. 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fINVHds7ZZ4

The better episodes start with episode 9 (

) which is the start of a three part adventure in search of a cave that actually has iron in it...

Another highlight is episode 13 (

) when I actually begin using some Technic items and something terrible happens...

Be sure to leave your thoughts, ideas and feedback,

Thanks for your time.

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