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here are some cool(tm) mods(tm) that I made and/or am making


More "Polished" Stuff

WhatTheFlux -- [1.7.10] Some various random RF generators: https://mods.io/mods/1267-whattheflux

RPHud -- [1.10.2] Resource pack-based HUD modification: https://mods.io/mods/1250-rphud

MCMLG -- [1.8.9] A really bad mod: https://mods.io/mods/1260-mcmlg

MekanismOres -- [1.10.2] Mekanism ore processing for a ton of modded ores: https://mods.io/mods/1271-mekanismores


Unfinished and/or Abandoned Projects

Tarukaja -- [1.10.2] Some Persona 5 stuff: https://github.com/phantamanta44/Tarukaja

Project Crossbow -- [1.7.10] Yet another laser mod: https://github.com/phantamanta44/ProjectCrossbow

Spacial Resonance -- [1.7.10] Massive energy storage: https://github.com/phantamanta44/SpacialResonance

Cliffside Alchemy -- [1.7.10] Glowstone-based machinery: https://github.com/phantamanta44/Cliffside

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