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Tekkit main v1.2.10cx - Computer Craft Programs to Monitor and Control Big Reactor and Turbines.


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I'm on a Tekkit main v1.2.10cx server, and I'm looking for some Computer Craft Programs to monitor and control my actively cooled Big Reactor and the 25 turbines it provides steam for. Ideally it would also hook up to my bank of resonant energy cells and throttle turbines and fuel rods to match the energy consumption rate, and have some great status screens to show how many turbines are on, and fuel usage on the reactor as well as other status indicators. 

All of the programs I've found by googling are for use in  ComputerCraft Versions 1.7 and above, but as we all know, Tekkit runs on 1.6 so most of the programs don't even start up, and the ones that do crash the server.

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