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Crimson Tides A Pirate Server 1.7.10


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Ahoy me hearties! Get out yer map and plot a course over to my server Crimson Tides! But be forewarned these waters are no place for the weak, only the toughest most ruthless scallywags and buccaneers will surivive!  Build a ship, make your own crew (faction)  set up a secret hideout on an island, then give yer' enemies a one way ticket to Davy Jones Locker!!! but most of all watch yer backs and try not to get cut down like so many pirates before ye!
Link to technic pack https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/crimson-tides-2.1092855
Discord Link https://discord.gg/FSZ9au5
It is a 1.7.10 factions server, pirate themed ofc all are welcome!

Crimson Tides.PNG

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