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I cant get to in to my TEKKIT-Server!


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Hello guys, im new at this forum and i didnt know where to do this topic, so i did this here. And sorry, if i did this topic at WRONG PLACE!

Okay, this is my problem on getting in on my server ->

I downloaded that tekkit server from tekkit site and techniclauncher. I do a hamachi server...

My server works, but i cant get in! This appears = The server requires you to have the following mods: mod_IC2 v1.103

mod_Computercraft 1.41

mod_CCturle 1.41

mod_railcraft 5.4.7

That was it, so this appears everytime when im trying to join my server. I have been trying updating techniclauncher and everything! Anyone know how to solve this annoying problem? I really want to play tekkit whit my friend :-)

+SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH+ But i hope you understand..


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