[1.12.2] AetherColonies Server (PVE)(Tech)(Minecolonies)

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Aethercolonies is a 1.12.2 modpack based around MineColonies!

Build a fully functional colony with NPCs who actually perform useful tasks, and get better at their jobs over time. Live in a vibrant town that you started, and they made.

Includes a bunch of tech mods (Enderio, Thermal Foundation and friends, Immersive Engineering, AE2, Galacticraft) for the factory-makers, Pam's HarvestCraft (and CFBH) for the farmers, and several structure generating mods for those who like to adventure into scary places and overestimate their preparedness.

No PvP, griefing, or stealing.

Land claim is via FTB Utilities, and MineColonies.

Server address is:


Modpack link:

Or just search “AetherColonies” on the launcher.

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