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Cant Launch Any Modpack


Hello this issue started after i upgraded from windows 8 to 10 yesterday
im unable to launch any modpack even the vanilla one,i hit play,launcher disappears,after few seconds it pops back in.
i have 64bit java installed,any help is appreciated thanks in advance ❤️

Thats the log for when i tried to launch the vanilla one.

Edit:and this is the logs for RLCraft

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4 hours ago, BlueKingMuch said:

[B#472]  java.lang.IllegalStateException: GLFW error 65542: WGL: The driver does not appear to support OpenGL

The crash report gives an hint: maybe during the update from 8 to 10, the graphics driver went gone.

Try to download the latest one and install, then restart and try again!

after i read what you said i went and did bit of googling and found out my graphics card doesnt support windows 10 so i had to reinstall windows 8,sorry for wasting your time and thanks again <3 take care

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