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Tekkit Factories "Help Needed"


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Hey guys i have been playing on tekkit for a little while and i have learnt a bit but just the other day i have just learnt you can make fully automatic factories i have been doing alot of looking into it and have been trying to start one but i just dont know were to start what area do i focus on first, what factory do i create first to then aid us in further factories.

If any one can give me ideas or pointers or even a video that would be awsome and very well needed.

Sincerely Poodle1

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You should make a cake factory it should take some time and if its on a sever then you can trade with other players also go make some friends to help you if its on a sever.If your on single player then .....well i got nothing.

I hope this helped if you don't play on a sever sorry I don't know what to do for single player sorry

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A factory that makes automatic crafting tables would be easy to start with. Another good one would be a factory that makes pneumatic tubes, or red alloy wire as you will probably need a lot of these items.

I started out by make a list of the machines that I would need in factories (like retrievers) and then make factories that produce those machines.

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