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Pump (BC) grabbed unconnected water; need to refill a river


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Not sure if its a bug or not.

I'm using a pump to power a cluster of water strainers.

I originally planned to just pump water from a nearby river and so dug a channel to it - but then went with the 3x3 infinite water trick. I blocked the channel (full of water) off with a single layer of cobble.


I believe the pump was placed before I blocked the channel, so it still may have considered the river a valid source even after it was nolonger connected (?). Pump wasn't connected to the river for more than fifteen or so min.

Anyways. This is what it has done:


Kinda ugly tbh, although neat to see the area it drew from. What's the easiest way to repair the damage?

I started using a turtle to place dirt one block below the surface, which does work but its going to take some time and a lot of dirt. Briefly played with a Filler to do the same, but same problem.

I picked up the pump, completely filled in the channel so there's a good 10 blocks between the pump and the river, and then put the pump back down. It seems like now its just drawing from its tiny pool, so just need to repair the damage.


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are you looking for legit ways to refill it so it's actually full, legit ways to refill it so it looks good or any way to refill it?

If the first, I have no idea.

If the second, you could put a filler at sea level-1 and have it fill that plane with dirt, walk onto it and make a spreading source that covers the whole thing, then set the filler to remove the dirt.

If the third, I'd download worldedit and use /fixwater or whatever it's called.

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