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Help, Blightfall not Working (RESOLVED KINDA)



I'm not entirely sure what's happening right now I'll be honest.

I can open up the launcher and such with no issues. All the other modpacks work as intended. Blightfall just doesn't?

I launch the modpack and the launcher goes away as normal. The loading screen for the modpack doesn't appear though? Or at least, that's what I thought at first. I appears off screen on my laptop, showing as a little white box at the bottom left of my screen. It's under my pins and clock so I can't click on it. When I use a shortcut to fullscreen the game, the background of the pack shows up but no words? There's nothing on the screen. I don't get any error log either.

I've tried uninstalling technic launcher (Did nothing), uninstalling Blightfall (Did nothing), giving it more GB (Did nothing). I don't really know what else to do? I don't even know what's causing the issue.

Has anyone experienced this before? Help?

EDIT: So I kind of fixed it? I figured out how to move my taskbar so I could free the minecraft launcher from its corner. No idea why it's there. Windowless Fullscreen still doesn't work but if I keep the window it does! Still don't know what happened tho.

tiny fucker.png

what is happening.png

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included pictures of what i mean
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