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I know this may sound like a noob question but i need your help

dylan welch

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1). I'm trying to backup my server which is currently using the 3.1.2 version of tekkit, in case anything goes wrong. Any help on how to do this?

2). Im looking to move this world i currently have with my friends to the newest version of tekkit which is 3.1.3, how can i do this

i hope some one could be of some help, i really would appreciate it, thanks

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I can't help you migrate your world, I always make a new one but I can probably help you with the backups.

If you just want a single backup then all you need to do is copy the world folders to another directory, there are three of them in total. If your world is named "HammerTime", then you are looking for a folder named "HammerTime", a folder named "HammerTime_nether", and a folder named "HammerTime_the_end".

If something goes wrong with your server, delete those three folders in your server directory and copy the ones you saved elsewhere into the server directory. Then your world will be restored to the point where you made the backup. Player inventories are stored in the "HammerTime" folder, if you didn't know already.

If you want to make regular backups then you can use the following scripts. I use them on my server, running Windows Server 2008, and the script requires 7-zip.You also need to create a directory to hold the backups.

Here is the backup script, you need to replace the items in square [brackets] with paths specific to your computer.

ECHO started at: %TIME% >>backupLog.txt

set hr=%TIME:~0,2%

set min=%TIME:~3,2%

set month=%DATE:~4,2%

set day=%DATE:~7,2%

set year=%DATE:~10,4%

set dname=%hr%-%min%_%month%-%day%-%year%

MKDIR "[path\to\backups]\working"

xcopy "[path\to\world]" "[path\to\backups]\working\"  /E /C /Y

xcopy "[path\to\world]_nether" "[path\to\backups]\working\"  /E /C /Y

xcopy "[path\to\world]_the_end" "[path\to\backups]\working\"  /E /C /Y

"[path\to\7zip]\7z.exe" a -tzip "[path\to\backups]\[nameOfBackup]%dname%.zip" "[path\to\backups]\working\*"

RMDIR /S /Q "[path\to\backups]\working"

ECHO ended at: %TIME% >>backupLog.txt



The next script is for limiting the number of backups, so that you do not run out of disk space.

mkdir "[path\to\backups]\toDelete\"

robocopy "[path\to\backups]" "[path\to\backups]\toDelete" *.zip /MOV /MINAGE:[#OfDaysToKeepBackups] /LOG:robocopyLog.txt

rmdir /Q /S "[path\to\backups]\toDelete

I use Task Scheduler to run the first script every hour and the second script every day. You will have a directory full of compressed files with time/date stamps, each having a full backup of your world.

Hope this helps and let me know if anything is unclear.

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3.1.2 to 3.1.3 is a clean upgrade, there is no migration, just copy the new files over top of the old and start.

To backup you can either zip the whole folder, or if you just want the worlds backed up then just zip up the worlds folder. You can also use the minebackup plugin to automate world backups

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