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Split lava in pipes unevenly?


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I currently have 5 pumps in the Nether pumping fluid into an Ender Tank and transporting it to the overworld where my Dynamos are. However, I want to also run a quarry in the Nether but I don't want to have to teleport the power back from the Overworld into the Nether again, is there a way I can split the lava being pumped so that 80% of it goes into the Ender Tank and the other 20% goes to a Dynamo in the Nether? 

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This problem is actually surprisingly difficult to solve, so even though this thread is long dead I am going to post a solution for posterity's sake.

While it's not really an elegant solution, since regardless of distance fluid ducts and pipes will split the amount roughly 50/50 you have to use time. Split the flow into two different tanks and have two redstone timers at roughly the ratio you want (10 seconds to 2 seconds, 5 to 1, etc) pulling the liquid out. Should split the flow so that 20%(from the timer with the largest delay) goes to your dynamo, and 80%(from the tank with the shortest delay timer) goes to your ender tank.



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