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[N/A]problems with Technic Launcher and Java


Hello, I would like to report a problem that I am constantly having and I have not found another solution. When I download Technic Laucher and open it, it simply says that it needs another java, I click ok and redirect me to the java page where I should download until then everything is fine. But when I go to download the java and open it simply occurs an error in the download and is directed to the folder %appdata%/
local low/Oracle. I tried to solve it in every way, uninstalling java several times on the oracle platform itself and nothing solves it, I even tried to download a pirated technic but the mods were offline, but at least I had opened the launcher. I need urgent help, I don't know what else to do.

In short, my java cannot install the version it asks for in technic, however, not having the version desired by the launcher
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