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[N/A] Minecraft doesn't appear on screen



I'm using Tekkit, and it appears something has gone very wrong with my launcher. For some reason Minecraft will no longer appear on screen as long as my display zoom is set to 300% which is how I prefer it because I use a 4k television as my monitor. So originally minecraft would load super zoomed in and I couldn't figure out what was going wrong because all I would see was a white screen while the modpacks would take like half an hour to load...lol my comp...but eventually I figured out what was going on and I was able to run it by switching the zoom to 100% (making all the icons on my comp super small!). But by that time, it seems, after force closing the program and unistalling modpacks trying to figure out why it wasn't working, yadda yadda, minecraft will only appear when I start the launcher in 100% zoom. I can no longer take it out of fullscreen with f11. It just runs on the taskbar but won't open. So now, I have to switch my zoom to start minecraft, and then once it's running I have to switch it back, because otherwise minecraft is way to high resolution to play normally on my television....the mouse is slow and stuff, it's awkward....anyways I know that's a huge story and thank you so much to someone who can help me with this issue...I have no idea what's causing it...and basically no way to fix it.


I've tried updating my video card driver, I've tried running java.exe at high dpi compatibility setting, to no avail. If someone could help me figure what is going on with my computer I'd be really grateful..thank you!

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