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[N/A] There seems to be a problem with memory allocation even though im runnin Java 64 bit at 6 gb out of 16 gb. Also a problem with unable to enter or create a world.



Even though they are both different problems, i have a feeling they are both related. I first tried running a modpack called remastered hexxit but whenever i try to enter the world it loads then closes server and crashes to the launcher. Second when i try to run a pixelmon mod and try to join a server, it tells me I have insufficient memory allocated even though im running it at 6 gb. When i try to increase it to 8 gb the launcher isnt even able to launch the game. Please help!

Both theĀ  files attatched are from the crash report for Remastered Hexxit.

crash-2020-12-06_15.14.53-client.txt crash-2020-12-06_15.14.54-server.txt

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