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Unable to Sign in With Microsoft Account



Yesterday I bought a Minecraft account, and it assigned me a Microsoft account to sign in with. The TechnicLauncher asks me to sign in with my Mojang account email. I do not have a Mojang account. Any time I try to sign in using either my username "argentum1760," or my email, it says I am unable to log in, and that I have "invalid credentials." How am I supposed to log in?

I tried signing in with both of my brother's accounts on the same device, both accounts were purchased before Microsoft bought Mojang. Both of those accounts work. However, my Microsoft account appears to be the only one not working. I've read other posts about this but a Moderator closed them and said to check announcements. there is no other info on this, as far as I've seen. Please lead me in the right direction if I am wrong.

I found a screenshot in an old forum post. Guess I can't use a new account because the people who made the launcher want to wait until this is a problem for everyone after the account migration concludes, rather than just helping new people. Just sad af. I loved using TechnicLauncher :(

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